First casino in Cabo Verde opens on the island of Sal (VIDEO)

First casino in Cabo Verde opens on the island of Sal (VIDEO)

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Casino Royal, the first gaming venue in Cabo Verde opened on Thursday on the island of Sal.­ The project is attached to the Hilton Hotel and cost 5 million euros, the Cape Verdean press reported.

The casino had been operating on an experimental basis since December 2016 and has 117 slot machines and 11 gaming tables. It is located on Avenida dos Hotéis in Santa Maria, Sal, the most popular island for tourists on the archipelago.

The Cabo Verde General Gaming Inspectorate (IGJ) said on its website that the concession period of the Casino Royal is 25 years, with a period of exclusivity of seven years in this gaming zone, starting from Thursday, the date of the official opening.

Since 2012 Cabo Verde has had five betting and gaming areas, spread over the islands of Santiago, Sal, São Vicente, Boavista and Maio, with the latter three available for concession.

The capital, Praia, on the island of Santiago, will also have a casino with the project that is being built on Gamboa beach and the islet of Santa Maria, an investment of 250 million euros by Macau businessman David Chow.






  1. Uma boa iniciativa que pode dar um bom avanço à nossa ilha. Espero que o governo não deu ao David Chow o fatchona de 10 anos sem pagar imposto.

  2. Isso apenas abre as pernas para mais turismo de prostituição e putaria dos europeus para os destinos tropicais com mulheres calientes como as do ilha do Sal.

  3. They have people living in huts with no electricity and dirt floors and this is what they decide to do with money…. Terrible smh

  4. With people living in shacks with no electricity or running water with dirt floors I can think of so much more they can do with their money

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