Cape Verde: A Case Study in Hardship Management

Cape Verde: A Case Study in Hardship Management

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Warm greetings to the readers! I hope you and yours are in fairly good spirits in light of the current hard economic times. All things considered, still, I would like to hearten you by using a familiar consoling phrase, this too shall pass. That is, this global economic recession will surely end, and we will all emerge as a collectively stronger nation as a result. In particular, if you are a Cape Verdean, a friend of Cape Verdeans, or merely an observer of Kriolus, I encourage you to read on. This article may possibly impact your day in a quantifiable positive manner.
Cape Verdeans strongly believe in the power of positive thinking, when faced by adversity, be it economic, geological, or political. This isn't a mere existential cliché, it is an observable reality. For example, in Cabo Verde, there's arguably a perpetual reality of adverse economic conditions. And there’s never enough rainfall. Further, the vulnerability of being a small insular country without any raw resources that industrial societies vie and pay for put Cabo Verde in a constant state of survival mode. Still, Cabo Verdeans continue to smile, dance, sing, and improvise along the way of keeping a forward and positive state of collective mind in spite of the aforementioned disadvantages, or any outward negative stereotypical portrayal by non-CVs or print media outlets.
Case study on collective hardship management
Conversely, then, Cabo Verde is a special case that can serve as a model or case study for the nations of the world which are now in a collective state of emotional downturn due to the global economic recession.  
Historically, and to a large extent presently, economic hardship has been the norm to the people of Cabo Verde, yet the repercussions that systemically harsh economic conditions produce in other parts of the world have not impacted the collective Cape Verdean psyche. Anxiety and suicide, for example, which typically rise during economic downturns in industrial societies has not been the case in Cabo Verde, past or present. Nor has there been an observed decreased of public happiness among the CVs. The Cape Verdeans keep on collectively marching on the path of optimism.
What is the reason for this peculiar sense of positivism, the readers may wonder? The reasons are manifold, but one stands out, speransa, a byproduct of morabeza, another uniquely Cape Verdean cultural entity which is not by any means an ephemeral state of mind, but rather an unceasing and ever current state of positive mental, spiritual and psychological reality that the Cape Verdeans created.
This is, to say the least, a very impressive and effective state of collective mind that was created against the odds. This is an impressive feat considering the geological reality of the CV islands (the islands are prone to chronic drought by virtue of its geological and geographical reality) and historical disadvantages (the original settlers were all taken there against their will  in the mid-1400's, to populate the then uninhabited archipelago).
One would be forgiving to picture an existential, if not fatalistic, outlook of life in the Cape Verdes and its people. Incidentally, there are some elements, particularly in New England, who have an overly negative view of the CVs. However, the perceptions of these individuals are flawed.  The truth is the actual psychological reality of the Cape Verdeans is a uniquely positive case to behold. It is a collective case of optimism that defies any and all observations of similar nations of the world.
Bearers of Hope to Humanity
Evidently, the overall conclusion grants Cape Verdeans the status of being a perfect case study in hardship management to the world. Therefore, the people of the world would tremendously gain by studying the Cape Verdean model of hope. Once the nations of the world adopt and successfully employ the Cape Verdean example of speransa to their own individual national psyches, Cabo Verde will then be justifiably recognized as being a most graceful bearer of transformational hope to humanity.

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